• Jordan Lewis

What is a landing page and how can you use one for your business?

You may have heard all about landing pages and how essential they are for your business, but what exactly are they, and what do they do?

What is a landing page?

A landing page is the first page your prospects 'land' on when they visit your website. This first page is your shop window, containing a glimpse of everything your business does and stands for.

Traditional landing pages tend to include sections including Home, About Us, Services and Contact Us, but you may wish to include more. These traditional websites would show a brief overview of each section on the landing page, with buttons and links to a dedicated page on your site with more information. Modern websites tend to be far simpler, with the landing page being one of the only pages on the site, containing all the information your prospects need to decide to buy from you.

How can you use a landing page for your business?

Having a high-quality landing page on your site, you can see some massive benefits for your business - even as far as completely changing the way your customers perceive your brand!

Sell your brand

The first way that having a landing page could positively impact your business is by further selling your brand to your prospects.

Whether they are directed to your landing page through a direct Google search, or through links on social media, your landing page gives you the opportunity to work to sell your brand to your prospects, and hopefully convert them into paying customers. Make sure you include only the most important pieces of information on this page - otherwise you'll have lots of potential prospects leaving your site without buying from you!

It's also important to note that your landing page needs to be consistent with the brand you are selling for yourself or your business on your social media accounts, and throughout the rest of your website. If your prospects visit your landing page via your social media, for example, they clicked the link because they like your brand - if this changes when they visit your landing page, they'll simply leave your website and forget about you.

Direct Consumers

As I said before, your landing page is the first page your potential customers land on - and as a result, is in complete control of whether anyone decides to check out the rest of your site. Once you have sold a prospect on your brand, you can use your landing page to easily direct and guide them to other areas of your site, which can then be used to try to convert them into customers.

If you don't run a business where a prospect could buy directly from your site, you could just as easily guide them to a contact page, or even through to a social media platform of your choice. The possibilities are endless.

Increase Conversions

This is the biggest way of having a landing page can benefit your business. A good landing page sells your business in seconds, meaning that your customers are ready to buy from you. By having an attractive landing page, and making it super simple for your customer to buy, contact you or subscribe to a blog, you could massively increase your conversions - and therefore your overall growth.