• Jordan Lewis

Top 3 (free) inspiration and ideas for your chess business

Stuck for ideas on how to market and grow your chess business in the modern world? Here’s some free inspiration for your business or brand, on us.

Selling chess in the modern world

Chess is a board game as old as time itself and as a result, it can be very difficult to come up with exciting new ways to market your chess business. One of the biggest challenges for any business owner is finding ways to stay fresh and relevant in the modern world. This is especially true for businesses selling chess and chess boards. Most brands make the mistake of selling the same old products that were sold over 50 years ago. Fortunately for you, we're here to share some fantastic ideas you can use to innovate your chess business or brand and also a brief marketing plan you can use to begin growing today.

Technological chess

Every day, technology is getting more and more powerful and is becoming more ingrained in our day-to-day lives. One industry that seems to have failed to catch up to the modern world is chess. There are plenty of traditional-style chess boards out there, available to buy. What seems to be lacking is a more modern chessboard, one that is able to teach players at different levels how to play the game, oven a physical board that can play as a computer and learn from a player and improve itself with each game. We see this sort of technology all the time through online chess, but bringing this concept to the physical game could revolutionize the way we play it. The technology already exists, you just need to be quiet in a new and unique way!

The biggest market for a chessboard like this would be the younger chess players. As we know young people love technology, so this would be perfect for them. This could also be a great gift for the older generation too. While they may not have access to a lot of the machine learning and algorithms that go into online shares with a more traditional chessboard - this board could aim to bridge the gap between modern innovation and traditional concepts. Technological chess boards could provide the older generation and medium that they are comfortable with to access these latest technologies.

Luxury chess

As almost any business owner will tell you one of the best markets to be in is the luxury market. There are lots of customers ready to buy, who have lots of money available to spend. While there are some luxury chess pieces and boards available out there are very few brands dedicated to creating luxury or premium chess products for the more added chess player with a larger budget. By tapping into this market while it's still small all you could see huge growth very quickly.

As I mentioned before luxury chess boards means luxury customers, and luxury customers means a large budget and generally a nicer buying experience for everyone involved. A product like this wouldn't just have to target chess players either. Because of the ornate designs and decorations on luxury chess pieces, you could easily target potential customers that buy into the aesthetic of chess, not just the game itself. If marketed correctly, a product like this could easily become a display piece as much as the board game it was intended to be.

Customizable chess

Customizable products are some of the most well-loved in any industry. For the most part chess pieces are standard shape and size, but why couldn't you give customers the option to edit, customize and personalize their chess pieces? Any customer owning a chessboard with chess pieces that are custom-made for them will have a sense of pride in owning your product. This is another great example of an idea from another industry being easily applied to your business in new and exciting ways!

The best part about customizable chess pieces is that they can be customized to any customer which means that theoretically you could market this product to any customer you like. I believed the strongest market for a product like this would be the gift market. Around holidays such as Christmas and birthdays, people are always looking for ways to show their appreciation for their friends and family and what better way to do that than with a customized gift. As an advert player of chess I know I personally would love to receive a customized chess set for my birthday or Christmas present!

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