• Jordan Lewis

The secret to putting out 20+ pieces of content daily (with no extra stress)

So many content creators burnout through trying to post as much as possible each day, here's how you can do it without the extra stress.

Enough Is Enough

How many pieces of content do you post each day? How many times do you really need to post? Generally speaking, as much as possible. Realistically? 20-30 times per day on a given platform (including posts, stories and reshares). By posting this much each and every day, your engagement will go through the roof, as long as you're posting something of value. You will be able to test different content ideas in a very short timeframe, which can work to help you make informed decisions about the content you post in the future.

But here comes the problem, unless you're paying someone else to handle content creation for you, it can quickly become challenging, stressful and even depressing to attempt to put out 20+ pieces of content each and every day (that's 140 a week). Fortunately for you, there are some ways you can make the whole process a lot easier, so you can start pumping out 20-30 pieces of content each week with ease.

Document, don't create

Be prepared to sigh a huge sigh of relief. You don't have to create 20 pieces of content each day. So how will you be able to produce this much content if you aren't making it? Document, don't create. Take pictures and videos, or make posts about what you are doing at various points in the day. That's it, that's all you have to do. If we assume the average person does 10 different things each day, you can simply take a picture of everything you do and you're halfway there!

However, if you tend to do a lot of the same things every day, this can become boring pretty quickly. Mix it up by posting simple polls or a quiz relating to what it is you're doing, rather than simply posting a picture. This will take a little longer, but you'll never be short of inspiration (as long as you don't spend the whole day in bed).


Next up we have the underdog of the content creation world. Most social media users think they have to share their own content and only their own content. For your main feed posts, sure, keep it to your own original content. However, stories are designed to let you share others' content easily, so why not make the most of it? If you like a post from someone else, share it and say what you like about it. Maybe they'll be nice and return the favour, or at the very least they'll be grateful and you'll have another piece of content handled.

Release In Parts

Most people try to cram an essays' worth of information into one post. This is both confusing for your audience and detrimental to you. Instead, try splitting up bigger pieces of content into 2, or even 3 separate posts. Spread these posts across the week, or even create a series of posts on the same day of each week. If you do this with 7 content ideas, you've tripled your content output with little extra energy or time needed!

With these three tips, you can easily create more content without the extra stress. To discover how we can help you make this process even easier by checking out our services.