• Jordan Lewis

The secret to confidence on command for boosting your sales call success

Leave that deflated post-sales call feeling behind, and be more like dancing Leo DiCaprio instead with this confidence hack.

Why you aren't closing right now

Let me know if this sounds familiar: You jump on a sales call with all the information you need to make your first sale of the month. Your prospect joins the call, you greet them with a big smile, ready to get to know them. After exchanging formalities, you give a brief introduction to who you are, and start learning all about them. You make sure to wait until the last 5-minutes of the call before you pitch and the prospect seems ready to go. But then you hit a snag in the road. While your prospect initially seemed super interested in your product, they suddenly hit you with the dreaded objections! You handle them as best as you can, but for some reason, the prospect seems to have completely lost interest. They ask you to send them links and that they'll "check them out soon", and of course, 'soon' never comes.

So, what went wrong? You didn't pitch nonstop, you handle all of their objections and you made sure to appeal to them on an emotional, and logical level. You did everything right. The truth is, that even if you get all of the above rights, even if your product is exactly what your prospect is looking for, it might still not be enough to secure the sale. What could be missing?

The secret isn't in what you're saying, but how you're saying it.

How you say something is even more important than what you're actually saying - especially when it comes to making a sale. This is because how you say something (your tonality, your body language, your confidence etc.) communicates directly with the subconscious part of the brain and therefore works to sway the emotions of the prospect. This is the key to making anybody trust and like you, and ultimately buy from you.

Back to the original example, what went wrong? If you said all the right things, and the prospect seemed interested in your offer, then it could simply be that you didn't say it the right way. One common mistake a lot of business owners and sales teams make is in their confidence or lack of. To sell anything, you need to be absolutely, undeniably confident in yourself, your business and your product. If you show even slight uncertainty about any of those three, you will destroy any chances of your prospects feeling certain too.

You need to be in a confident state - at which point your body language, tonality, certainty and clarity will all come together in perfect harmony. Think back to the last time you closed a huge deal or won an award in your industry, or even solved a problem for a friend, you felt confident as hell. The truth is, while in this state, you sound more reassuring, your brain works faster and better, and you tend to make better decisions, all good things. The secret is to be in this state whenever you are trying to close, whether it be through a sales call or an in-person meeting post-COVID. It's all well and good saying this, but we can't simply control what state we're in, and call a given state on demand, right? Wrong. With the power of state control, you can link your confident state to certain smells, or images (known as an anchor), and use them to recall you're confident state whenever needed. State control is the secret to unlocking your confident state, whenever, and wherever you need it, and today you're going to learn how to use it to your advantage.

Mastering State Control

You'll be pleased to know that mastering state control is fairly straightforward. The first step is knowing what type of learner you are. Do you learn best through listening? touch? taste? smell? This is the key to understanding what type of anchor you need to set to master your state. Once you know which suits you best, we can begin setting your anchor.

Some state control techniques suggest trying to artificially recreate a confident state before setting your anchor, but there's a far easier option. Instead, you simply need to wait for the state to occur naturally. You need to wait till you're in the afterglow of a close, or a successful idea. You will be in your confident state, completely naturally - this is when you set your anchor.

Your anchor is essentially the strong sensory experience you associate with a given state, and what it is will depend on how you learn best (as mentioned above). For example, if you're a visual learner, then a vividly coloured picture could do the trick, or, if you lean towards olfaction (sense of smell) then a nasal spray may be the one for you. The key is to activate that stimulus just after entering your confident state organically. When you do this, your confident state will be tied to the object or stimulus in question. To be certain, you can always repeat this process a few times to cement this connection. Now, you have truly mastered your state. Whenever you look at your picture, or smell your scent, or hear a certain song, you will recall your more confident state. That's right, confidence on command.

After entering your confident state you can go into your sales calls whenever and wherever feeling confident, and benefit from the improved body language, tonality and clarity that come with it. This is the secret that thousands of salespeople and business owners use to always come across as confident in calls and on videos. This is the secret you need to double your close rate (or more) in any sales encounter you find yourself in - and find yourself dancing afterwards.

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