• Jordan Lewis

The second wave of Coronavirus is coming - 3 ways you can make the best of a bad situation

With Lockdown rules relaxing, the number of cases is beginning to skyrocket once again - now, the second wave of Coronavirus is inevitable.

Coronavirus takes over the world

Once Lockdown began to get lifted, the world sighed a huge sigh of relief - finally the end of this awful situation and the Coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. With thousands of people rushing back to beaches, parks, and pubs, we are now sitting at just over 20 million confirmed cases worldwide.

We have already seen the start of the second wave, with some cities, such as Leicester, UK, and even some countries being placed back under Lockdown.

There is no doubt that this news is devastating for the general public and business owners alike, especially those running a brick-and-mortar (physical location) store. But it isn’t all bad news, at least it doesn’t have to be.

Flocking to the beaches after Lockdown restrictions were lifted, credit to Sky News for the image.

I don’t need to tell you how dull and unproductive a Lockdown can be - days spent binge-watching Netflix shows and not much else. But what if I told you that the Lockdown could actually be a fantastic opportunity for your business and/or your life?

By spending a little time every day doing 3 simple and straightforward activities, you will have a long list of things to do if you’re bored in Lockdown, while simultaneously transforming your life and/or business - making the best of a bad situation.

3 ways to make the most of a bad situation

1) Invest in skills

Thanks to Lockdown, you have more time than ever (unless you are a key worker!) to spend doing what you like. Furthermore, Lockdown has given birth to thousands of new and exciting ways to learn and improve from the comfort of your own home!

Spend as little as an hour a day working through courses, reading books, and watching videos - pick one skill you can use in your job or business and practice it a little every day. By the time Lockdown (actually) ends, you won’t struggle at all to find another job, bring customers back to your business, and hit the ground running.

2) Eat the frog

Think about that long list of tasks and jobs you’ve been putting off for months, saying “I’ll do it tomorrow!” every day. While you have all this free time and nothing better to do, why not start working your way through this list? - this is what I mean by eating the frog.

Get everything you don’t want to do done during Lockdown, so once it does end you can focus all of your attention on the things that really matter to you.

3) Adapt

The last and arguably the best thing you can do during the Second Wave of Coronavirus is adapt. Change the way you think and do things in your life and your business - you will be seen as innovative and unique and can continue to succeed, even during the Lockdown.

This could mean changing structures and systems, working online, and changing the way you market your brand or business.

By following these steps, you can make the best of this bad situation and make sure you’re prepared for this Lockdown, and anything else 2020 could throw at us.