• Jordan Lewis

LinkedIn: More than just a job hunting tool

Most people use LinkedIn as a job-hunting tool and nothing more. By doing this, you’re leaving so much potential on the table.

You underrated LinkedIn

If you’re reading this article, then there’s a good chance you have LinkedIn, fantastic! But let me guess, you only ever come on LinkedIn when you’re looking for a job, right? You uploaded your CV and wrote a quick ‘About Me’ bio once when you made your account, and you haven’t come back to it since?

This, unfortunately, is how most LinkedIn users view LinkedIn - as a quick and easy job-hunting platform. While this is one amazing feature, it isn’t it’s best, or even more important. What if I told you that, with just a little effort each day, you could transform your LinkedIn account from a neglected career searching tool, into a fully-fledged career management system! What do I mean by this, and how can you easily do this with as little as an hour's work each day?

A career management tool

As I said, most people use LinkedIn to find a job. A small minority of people see and use it as much, much more than that. They fully understand and appreciate the power of having a complete profile, and posting every week. So, what exactly do I mean by a career management tool?

First off, it is a great place to upload and keep your CV updated. It is far easier to read and understand than a traditional paper CV, making it a catalyst for your chances of getting your dream job. All this takes is filling in every section of your profile until you receive the ‘All-Star’ status. Once you’ve done this, other users can quickly and easily find you based on your interests and skills.

Secondly, posting consistent, valuable content every week to LinkedIn is hotter than ever. Of the growing population using LinkedIn, only a handful actually post regular content. By joining this small number, you can easily stand out and become part of the backbone of LinkedIn. If you are able to network with and influence the masses with what you say, you can use it to guide and direct your mission throughout your career, whatever it may be! This database of connections can also be sorted to keep track of various people and how you know them, so the next time you see them at an event or meeting, you know everything there is to know about them and their career!

On the note of networking, you can use the advanced search tools and filters to find the exact group of people you want to connect with. With this, LinkedIn removes a lot of the chance that comes with other social media platforms. You can build a bank of high-quality, relevant connections that are exactly the sort of people that engage with your type of content, and therefore advance your career. Knowledge is power, so with this search tool, you can also find out just about everything you could want to know about your connections. This is fantastic for vetting potential employees, finding clients, or even just building a circle of like-minded professionals.

Finally, everybody could use some feedback, and LinkedIn is the best place to get it. By curating your connections properly, you can guarantee a pool of experts in your industry can see your work. Put your favourite pieces out there and ask for your connections and followers opinion! You will get valuable insight into how your work is perceived by others, and potentially by your customers.

How will you be using LinkedIn to manage your career? Which tip is your favourite? Get in touch and let us know!