• Jordan Lewis

Is this the greatest marketing campaign of all time?

Throughout history, we've seen a lot of marketing ads, but this has to be the best one ever. We break down what it is that makes it so great so you can use similar techniques in your ads.

The best marketing campaign of all time

In 2010, Apple released a series of billboard adverts that they set-up all over major cities to promote their latest iPod - the iPod Nano-Chromatic, which was available in 9 bright colours. While this advert itself is very good, this is not the billboard we think is the greatest marketing campaign of all time. After the Apple billboards seen above went up, another company hatched an idea.

Rona, the major Canadian home renovation store, created a billboard add and ambush marketing campaign that piggy-backed Apple's advert, to promote their paint recycling policy. As you can see above, Rona added their own billboard ad just below Apples, making sure that the two combined created a complete picture.

The end result is a design and marketing marvel - paint buckets underneath the paint drips with the text "We recycle leftover paint". Thanks to this outstanding marketing campaign, over 2 million litres of paint were returned to Rona for recycling.

What made it so great?

There are several factors that make an advert like this so great, and so effective - we've broken this down into 5 key elements that you can use and apply to your own marketing campaigns and ads.


First and foremost, this ad is fun and entertaining. Most consumers want to work with a company that not only knows how to have a laugh but knows how to make them laugh. By creating an ad that makes your audience stop and chuckle to themselves, you build a relationship similar to that of which they have with their friends and family. By entertaining them, they grow to like your brand that little bit more.


A good ad doesn't need to be complicated. This billboard only contains one simple line that explains exactly what it is about. When creating your own marketing campaign, make sure you take the time to think about how you can simplify what is being said and shown. The easier and simpler it is for your customers to understand, the more likely they are to buy from you.


As we said above, this ad is not just simple, but very clear. It tells it's audience exactly what it is about, and is very clear about what it is trying to achieve. This very on-the-nose marketing technique is a great way for you to come across as very open and straight-forward to your audience, which could work to make them trust and like you that much more.


As you can clearly see, this ad is very creative. Although simple, the thought process and idea behind it is very clever. By coming up with new, creative ways to market your business or brand, you can easily come across as unique and put across the message that you are creative thinkers without even needing to say it!


This billboard ad is bold in two ways. Firstly, ambush marketing in and of itself is a bold move. It could go very wrong if done incorrectly, but when done well like this, can have massive rewards. Secondly, the designs, fonts and colours used in the ad are bold, they grab your attention and stand-out massively in any environment.

By considering these 5 key elements in your own marketing, you can work to massively improve your customer perception and overall engagement on your ads. All you need to do is ask yourself "Is it fun, simple, clear creative and bold?" before posting the ad, and you're good to go.

What do you think of the Rona ad? How will you use these 5 factors in your own marketing?