• Jordan Lewis

Interview with Andrietta Simbi | Founder of Soul Entertainment

This week I interviewed a director, actor and entrepreneur by the name of Andrietta Simbi - she shares her secrets to running a successful business and creating works of art.

Soul Entertainment

Soul entertainment is a revolutionary student-led startup creating a creative content direction for artists, brands and even individuals. Through her experience and creative genius, Andrietta is helping those who work with her appeal to their audience in the most important way - their eyes.

Instagram: @entertainment_soul

Founder Bio


Andrietta Simbi (@_andrietta_)


Drama at De Montfort University

Notable Extras

Worked with the New York film academy.

Completed Duke of Edinburgh award.

Acting for Oxford Pegasus theatre company.


Why did you start your business?

I really love films, so I thought that I should be an actor. Through this, I then fell in love with what was going on behind the scenes, I discovered that I loved the creative side more. I love creating art, especially visual art.

Who is your mentor?

No mentor right now, but if I had to choose any, it would have to be Quentin Tarantino - I love his art style and his hands-on approach to making films.

What is the most important event in your working life?

Securing the enterprise year - it gives me lots of time to be independent and hone in on important foundations and tasks for my business. I finally feel like I can shoot for the stars and take big risks. It also gives me the chance to be surrounded by people working on their business, inspired by them.

Does money motivate you?

It should but no it doesn’t. Money chases people, people don’t chase money. Get good at what you want to do in life, people will want to pay. Passion always comes first.

Which person do you admire the most?

Tarantino again - big fan, but my mum the most, as she has given me the work ethic to be consistent and keep pushing.

What is your favourite TV Series?

Hollywood on Netflix. I also really love the midnight gospel. I love things that can teach me something.

What does leadership mean to you?

Knowing that you can’t be a leader without everyone else. Knowing that you need other people to be the best version of yourself. Every great leader I've seen has a sense of togetherness. Every leader should be willing to not be the leader and rely on others so they can rely on them.

How do you relax?

By myself, lots of chocolate, white wine, incense sticks, enjoying the peace.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Stop procrastinating and convincing yourself you’ll do it tomorrow. Nobody knows so it doesn’t matter - if you want to do something, just do it, you regret things you don’t do.

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