• Jordan Lewis

Instagram: The worlds best network marketing tool

For most people, Instagram is a platform to post pictures of their food and pets. How can you use Instagram as a powerful networking tool?

Why should you use Instagram?

For many, Instagram is simply seen as a photo and video sharing platform to have some fun and remember your favourite moments. It's taken for granted that Instagram is actually one of the best networking tools in the history of the world. With one click, you can share your message with the world, and get seen by thousands, or even millions of users instantly.

Traditional networking was long and treacherous - long calls trying to convince people to join your network, moving from door to door and ultimately, thousands of rejections every day. With platforms such as Instagram, you can get them coming to you - and all it takes is some consistent posting of messages and information you believe in!

How to use Instagram to grow your network


The first, and for many, the most obvious way you can use Instagram as a network marketer or multi-level marketer, is through posts. All it takes is one post a day, sharing some information about who you are, what you do, or even some free tips your audience can use to improve their lives.

By sharing consistent, valuable content, you can attract thousands of customers to your page, and by displaying the value of joining your network, they will be asking you to sign them up without any of the extra work!

Direct Messages

Direct messaging is a little closer to the traditional methods of recruiting and adding people to your network. The biggest difference and benefit is, however, that you don't have to go through the same process over and over again. With the technology available on Instagram, you can create a message once, then send it to multiple users at the same time!


I've told you all about how you can use posts to recruit people into your network, but how do you get these posts seen by the many? Hashtags. By using the right hashtags on your posts, they will be seen by more people and your chances of finding someone willing to join your network increase too!

You can also search hashtags to find out what is trending each day, find out what the world cares about right now, and adjust your posts and messages slightly to really appeal to the interests of your audience.