• Jordan Lewis

How to use copywriting: Make friends as a 2020 fresher

Being a fresher in 2020 is going to be harder than ever, with less of the opportunities available that make being a fresher so great. Fortunately for you, I'm sharing the secret to making sure you still have an amazing time.

2020 Freshers

Being a fresher in 2020 will be unlike any other university year in history. Thanks to COVID, you’ll have to deal with a lack of freshers events, a lack of in-person societies and events, and overall a dysfunctional, online university experience for your first year. All of this considered, it could be incredibly difficult for you to meet new people and make friends at your university.

The good news is, there is a simple solution...

Use Copywriting

Copywriting is a skill usually seen used in businesses and to grow brands. What if I told you that you could actually use copy to make sure you still meet friends and have a great freshers experience? There are various places and ways you can use copy to connect with other freshers and put yourself out there.

Facebook Groups

For any university in the UK, there are countless Facebook groups out there for freshers and even specific ones for your course. These groups are a great way to put yourself out there with people who share interests with you.

Use copywriting to create a simple post that makes other freshers want to meet you. This post should be a simple introduction about who you are, your interests and what you are studying at university. You can always add a short call to action, something at the end of your post to prompt other freshers to message you. Once you create a basic template, you can copy and paste it into as many Facebook groups as you like, and become widely known before you even begin studying!


The most effective way you can meet new people and salvage a semi-decent university experience is by messaging people. Message members of the groups for your university, people who posted their acceptance letters on Instagram. Write a quick template message you can personalise and

send to as many people as you like - earning you lots of connections in the process!

This can be applied in the same way as if you were looking for a job, or professional connections. Find people you relate to with shared interests, and add a personal touch with their name and something you appreciate about them. Remember, every other fresher will be in the same boat as you, so they will be as eager to become friends with you as you are with them!

Social Media

Hopefully, you're already on a range of social media platforms. If you are, this probably means you've been building up a nice selection of content. This is great news for both your engagement and in this case your opportunity to make friends as 2020 fresher.


Instagram is a great place for you to share pictures and videos showing off your exciting life. This content will draw other freshers to you with the right hashtags. Make sure you use hashtags like #student, #freshers2020 and #studentlife - these are great tags to use that will get other freshers looking at your content, relating to you, and ultimately wanting to connect!


As mentioned before, Facebook is home to groups - through these groups, you can add friends, and then connect with those friends. Add as many people as you possibly can and strike up a conversation with them - this could lead to some of the best opportunities of your life (so far)!


TikTok is brilliant if you want to share relatable, fun content for other students to enjoy. Who knows, maybe your future bestie could message you based on your latest video!

Quick Tips

✅ Be open-minded

✅ Say 'yes' a lot

✅ Engage with as many people as possible

✅ Relax

✅ Enjoy yourself

If you have more concerns or questions about being a fresher in 2020, or you think we can help you create the perfect message and post template - do not hesitate to get in touch today!