• Jordan Lewis

How to use copy to get your dream job

Getting your dream job has never been easy and since lockdown, it's gotten even more challenging. What if there was an easier way to get the career you want?

Your Dream

Since lockdown, employees have been furloughed, or laid-off work altogether left, right and centre. Not only is it difficult to keep the jobs we had before lockdown - it is even more challenging to try and find a new job. Right now, many employers simply don’t want to hire, and those that do receive thousands of more applications than they normally would. You need a job, but you shouldn’t have to fight tooth and nail to get one. Fortunately for you, with this guide, you won’t need to.

There are several ways you can use copywriting to get your dream job - some of them are more obvious than others but by making use of all of the steps listed in this guide, you can make sure you're covered at all stages of the job-hunting process.

CV/Cover Letters

The first and most obvious way you can use copywriting to get your dream job is using your CV and cover letter. Use copywriting techniques to sell yourself in both of these, and you’ll be well on your way to securing that interview. Use this CV as a template and tweak it slightly for different

job roles - you’ll be rolling in job offers in no time!

A video CV is even better!

You can still use copywriting to create a script, plan and accompanying CV for your video CV. Creating this will make it that much easier for you to display your key skills and also standout during the application process.

If you get stuck while trying to create your own video cv, follow our guide here.

Content Creation

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a job offer without even having to go through the process of job hunting and creating a CV? The good news is, you can! By creating content that displays your skills and experience, you improve your chances of an employer finding you instead of you looking for them.

But which platforms should you be posting on?

Social Media

Social media is widely used for sharing details about your life and connecting with friends and family. There are only a small number of people in the world that actually use social media to make themselves more employable - and to attract their ideal employer. By sharing content to a variety of social media platforms, you can easily share who you are and what you do and ultimately allow your dream employer to find you, rather than having to search for them yourself.


LinkedIn is a rapidly growing professional social media platform. You can easily search by job role, or employer and put your name in front of them.

Check out our LinkedIn marketing mastery guide here.


Instagram is a great place for you to share pictures and videos showing off your exciting life. This content will draw potential employers to you!

Check out our Instagram marketing mastery guide here.


Facebook allows you to follow business pages, or even join groups. By interacting with both of these features, you could easily find and apply for your ideal job!

Extra Tips & Tricks

✅ Be energetic

✅ Apply to plenty of jobs - it's a numbers game!

✅ Research your ideal employer, impress them with your knowledge

✅ Relax

✅ Be yourself

Your dream job is just a few steps away! Follow this guide, or hire us to handle it for you and secure your dream job in no time. Get in touch with us today for more information.