• Jordan Lewis

The ONLY way to stand-out in the modern world

Thanks to the internet, anything we want is accessible to us at the click of a button - if you can think of it, it's out there.

Welcome to the modern world

As a whole, the modern world is amazing, we have planes that can take us across the world in less than a day, we have medicines that can cure even the worst of diseases and of course we have the internet. This is a wonderful technology, bringing the entire world and all of it's information to our fingertips - however, this does come with a downside.

Because we can find anything we want to so easily, it means that, more than ever, NOTHING is truly unique in and of itself. Now, this has always been true of course, every idea is a reimagining or evolution of another, but now everybody knows this and they see it for themselves, every single day.

This is a big problem, for everyone looking to create content, build a brand or run a business. If everybody has access to the same information and the same technology, how can you stand-out in the modern world?

How to stand-out in the modern world

So many businesses, brands and content creators claim to be unique, but the truth is they aren't, nobody is truly and completely unique. The trick to succeeding is not BEING unique, but APPEARING unique.

Now you may be wondering, "Jordan, how do I make my business/brand appear unique?".

The answer is simple: Marketing and Branding.

To make your business or brand come across as unique, you don't have to invent the next transport or social media, you just need to market it correctly. Spend some time coming up with an angle that your competitors haven't, you could even borrow the perspective from a business or brand in another industry!

If you can come in at an angle that is clearly different from your competitors, and work to appeal to the needs and wants of your customers, your business or brand will stand-out massively, even if you offer the same thing!

To finish off, I'll leave you with a brilliant example of this in action, from one of my all-time favourite shows ever: Mad Men.

In this scene, the main character, Don Draper (pictured) is coming up with a marketing strategy for the Tobacco company, 'Lucky Strike'. Lucky Strike sells a product that is exactly identical to every other product on the market, so how does Don make them stand-out?

As you can see on the board, Lucky Strike is 'toasted'. At this time, every other cigarette brand was painted as causing cancer (which of course we now know they do), but because of the marketing used, nobody made this automatic association with Lucky Strike and they stood-out massively in their market!

Disclaimer: I am in no way promoting or encouraging smoking, which has been scientifically proven to cause cancer. This is simply a demonstration of how marketing alone can be used to make a business or brand stand-out.