• Jordan Lewis

How to stand out in the fitness industry

The fitness industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Unfortunately, this also means that it is incredibly over-saturated, which makes it harder than ever for new business owners to stand-out!

Why the fitness industry is growing so quickly

The fitness industry is, by far, one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries - and has been for quite some time. The reason why is simple, everyone has an interest and investment in health. Whether you're in the gym every day trying to build the perfect body, or the office worker cutting down on sugar, fitness and health is embedded in every part of life.

While this is fantastic news for existing business owners, it makes it even more challenging for start-up owners to stand-out. There are, however, a few steps you can take to make sure your business stands-out in this saturated market, and hopefully to make your business the next big thing.

How can you stand out?

There are a number of ways you can stand-out, I recommend you pick and choose whichever option you prefer and make it the crux of your marketing and sales efforts. All you need to do is establish one unique selling point and run with it. You don't even need to come up with anything massively out-there or complicated.

Just pick one small element of your business and make it slightly different to how everybody else in your industry does it.

Use different platforms

Instagram is filled with fitness bloggers and business owners. All your audience will see when scrolling through their feed is picture after picture of someone working out, training someone or making a health-shake. Do you know where this type of content isn't so rampant? LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

You should still keep posting to your Instagram, as it is a brilliant source of consumers and customers. While you do this, post some content to other platforms and tweak it slightly to fit the needs of your new audience. Your content will come across as fresh and new, even though you might simply be re-using your content from Instagram!

Target a specific niche

Most fitness business owners target the fitness industry as a whole, catering to anyone and anything wanting to get fit. While this may seem good in theory, this actually makes it much harder for you to get clients and stand-out.

You need to make the pond smaller.

Start by choosing a specific group of people that you want to create content for, and work with. It will be much easier for you to come across as unique and grow in a smaller group of businesses. You will often find much more and quicker success in that smaller field too. Once you have grown, you can then start branching out to the wider fitness industry as you will have already established yourself as a fitness authority and brand.

Be more than a fitness fanatic

So many business owners in the fitness industry are fitness fanatics, and that's great - but that's all they are. They seem to have no personality or perspective outside of health and fitness, and as a result, struggle to stand-out and provide any additional substance or personality for their audience.

You must have several other interests in your life - find a way to bring that into your brand. Even if one in every 15 posts is relating to another one of your interests, you will stand-out massively as a human being, not just another robotic fitness guru.

Unique marketing

This last tip is HOW you go about getting any and all of the previous tips across to your audience. With proper marketing, you can actively and effectively put across your unique style and brand. This is how you sell your business or brand in different perspectives and appeal to their interests and needs directly.

This is a trick that many business owners miss out on, they try and handle all of their marketing with little or no experience - or simply copy their competitors. By doing this, they guarantee that they sound exactly the same as everyone else?

I know you're not like them though. You're smart, you take the time to make sure your marketing efforts put your brand across as unique. Even better yet, you outsource your marketing to us here at Regal Marketing and start your journey to standing out in the fitness industry today!

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