• Jordan Lewis

Wondering how to build the perfect bio? Read this

Your bio is one of the first things you will make when you create your social media profile. However, so many users underestimate the power a good, or a bad bio can have on how your brand is perceived through your profile.

Building the perfect bio

Building the perfect bio can take a very long time, and it is often difficult to know exactly what you need to include, or even why you need to spend time tweaking it. Your bio is the first thing (other than your profile name) that your audience reads when they visit your profile. This is your chance to convince them to follow you, or even buy from you, in a matter of seconds before they click away.

There are many different ways to create and build your bio, and how you choose to do it is completely up to you. However, there are 5 core elements that I believe every good bio should include, and most big brands do choose to include in theirs:

Keep it short and sweet

Before you even start writing your bio, there's something you need to remember: keep it short and sweet. Most platforms give you a very limited number of characters to use in your bio, so it's important that you use them wisely. One great way to make sure you use this space effectively is to ensure you include these three items:

SEO keywords

Including some SEO keywords in the first line helps the social media search engine to direct users looking for businesses, brands or services like yours to your page. This could mean something like 'Leicester-based marketing agency', this specifies an operational area, as well as some keywords that are likely to be searched for by users.


This should be a short and simple one-liner that sums up what your brand/account does and potentially even why you do it. There are good taglines, and of course bad taglines, you can find out more later in this article about how you can perfect your tagline.


A CTA, or call to action, is a simple sentence or phrase you can use to inspire the reader to take action. In terms of your bio, this could mean asking users to follow, visit your website, or get in touch. This will vary between brands and is ultimately down to what your end goal is for your audience.

Emoji it up!

Adding emojis throughout your bio can help to break up larger chunks of text with ease! You can also use emojis to easily grab attention, because of their vibrant colours. Even though emojis are a part of everyday life, there are still many businesses that chose not to use them - stick with the modern times and emoji it up in your bio.

Perfect your tagline

As I mentioned earlier, having a strong tagline is one key step to create the perfect bio. But how do you build the best tagline possible? Follow this simple guideline:

“I help these people, who have this problem and deliver

this promise.”

In practice...

“I help ambitious people replace a 9-5 with a home business.”

The shorter the better.

Branded hashtags

Some brands may benefit from using branded hashtags in their bio. What are branded hashtags? Hashtags that include some or all of the brands' name, or a core theme related to the brand.

By including this, your profile will show up whenever someone looks for that hashtag, not just relevant posts using the tag. For Regal Marketing, the hashtag could be something along the lines of #regal. Remember to keep it short, and avoid underscores of full stops.

Link your site

Last, but not least, include your website link in the section at the end of your bio. If you don’t have a site, make sure your email is here. This doesn’t have to be the same site forever, either. You can

and should update this link to fit promotions and product releases you share through your posts and stories.

What does your perfect bio look-like? Which tip has helped you the most? Let me know by getting in touch today!