• Jordan Lewis

How Bill Gates became one of the richest people in the world

From a tech-obsessed teen to one of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates' story is truly inspiring.

Humble beginnings

Bill Gates started out his journey as a tech-obsessed 13-year-old - when he started learning all about programming and hacking. He quickly became very talented, and as a result, his school began accusing him from maths classes so he could spend more time learning these skills. During this time, he met Paul Allen (later the Co-Founder of Microsoft), who was just as tech-minded as him. Eventually, his school had to ben him from the computer for hacking.

This didn't mean the end of his career, however. The school understood how talented he was, so asked him to write a program for scheduling students into classes. He not only used this as a chance to flex his programming skills, but also to improve his dating life. Through his programme, he made sure he was scheduled in classes with more girls, smooth. Building this programme inspired him to start his own business - a traffic counter startup, however, this fails.

After finishing school, he goes to Harvard, where he considers (very briefly) being a lawyer like his father. However, one fateful day he ends up reading a magazine about Altair computer. He immediately calls the company, telling them that he has created a programming language for their computer - he hadn't. He then quickly rewrites BASIC computer language for Altair, selling it to them and using the money to drop out of Harvard and begin a second startup - Microsoft.

Microsoft becomes a major success

Bill Gates started Microsoft to fully pursue his love for programming and hacking - he personally checks every line of code for over 5 years, working 16 hour days every day during this time. Because of his success and programming prowess, he is approached by Steve Jobs to build software for Apple exclusively. He declines, then announces his own operating system, Windows, which he hadn't actually started yet. This made Steve Jobs furious. Bill Gates is accused of stealing Steve Jobs' idea, which he denies.

Shortly after this, his partner, Paul Allen, gets sick and leaves the company. Through the success of Windows and the various other products created by Microsoft, Bill Gates quickly becomes the youngest billionaire ever at 31 years old. Around this time, he also meets his future wife, Melinda. By 39, he's now the richest man in the world. Everything is coming up Gates.

Stepping away from the corporate world

After a series of events, once including having a cream pie thrown in his face as a protest against "Corporate Evil", Bill Gates changes his path ever so slightly, pledging more to charity, and making the world a better place. He steps down as CEO, putting his ex-roommate in charge, gets Warren Buffet's money for charity, gets a Harvard degree and commits to donate half of his earnings to charity over his lifetime.

Not only does he begin donating huge amounts of money to charity, but he begins pushing inventions and innovations that make the world a better place and solve serious problems. The most notable is his reinvention of the toilet, which worked to fight worldwide poverty. On top of this, he owns relatively little when compared to other billionaires, owning three houses and a plane - all of which are justified and not simply for pleasure.

Bill Gates is the perfect example of someone with a passion making their dreams a reality. He's overcome failure, adversaries and is now using his wealth and influence for global good. Could you be the next Bill Gates?