• Jordan Lewis

The secret short cut to getting any job interview you want

Trying to stand-out on a CV and cover letter is not easy to do, it never has been. But what if there was a short cut that could help you stand out with ease, and secure the job interview you want?

The struggles of the job seeker

The biggest problem most job seekers face is that most CV's look and sound the same. You need to have certain information on your application, and as a result, you end up becoming just another name in a long pile of applications. There is nothing worse than not even being considered for an interview.

You've got the qualifications? Great, so does every other applicant for that job. Your qualifications are there to check that you are able to do the job you are applying for, they are NOT your selling point.

What about your experience? Sure, having a lot of experience can go a long way to securing an interview - but you can guarantee that there will always be an applicant with more than you.

So, your qualifications won't make your CV and Cover Letter stand out and neither will your experience. So what will?

Standing out with ease

In short, it's all about the Copywriting. Most people believe that copywriting is only needed for sales and has no place in a job application. Most people are wrong.

They are right when they say that copywriting is for sales. But is a CV not a sale of yourself to an employer? By using the right words, in the right places, you can make yourself and your application to any job stand out, even if you are less qualified or less experienced on paper.

It's all about understanding what you're employer is really looking for, what they connect with on an emotional level and how you can pitch yourself as the perfect solution to whatever problem they may be having.

All of this is achieved through research, Copywriting experience and practise - this can take months or even years to perfect. But you don't have months or years to wait, you need a job now.

The good news is, you don't have to wait.

There is a short cut to standing out in your job application - that short cut is outsourcing. Hire a Copywriter or Copywriting Agency to carry out all the research and work necessary to tailor your CV to your desired employer. This way, you can benefit from years of knowledge and experience from a professional copywriter without having to wait for more than a week.

While your competitors are sitting sweating over their CV trying to perfect it, you can be relaxing, or spending time with your loved ones, knowing that your application will have the professional edge that will help you stand out above the rest.