• Jordan Lewis

How to find the right hashtags

Struggling to find the right #hashtags to use on your social media accounts? Use these three simple steps to find the best hashtags for whatever industry you're in.

Why you need the right hashtags

Hashtags are the most essential component of being boosting views and engagement on any social media platform. Hashtags act as a description for the post you are sharing, giving search engines a way of easily finding relevant content. Users can search and find your posts using the hashtags on your content, and as a result, more people will find, and potentially engage, with your social media page.

You can't just use any old hashtag and expect amazing results either, you need to make sure you use the right hashtags. The right hashtags mean those that are most relevant to your industry and post content, as well as those with the right level of popularity. By making sure you use the right hashtags, you maximise the chances of your business being seen by the world.

Now you know why you need the right hashtags, but how exactly can you find which ones are right for you?

How to find the best hashtags for your business

There are a few great ways you can go about finding out what the best hashtags are for your business. The best part is that most of these steps require very little extra work or knowledge!


Follow your competitors, other content creators in your industry and find out what hashtags they’re using. The chances are that they’ve gone through the effort of researching and testing for the best combination - so now you don’t have to. There is no point in you trying to reinvent the wheel by researching and testing from scratch.

You could even take this one step further and make a note of which hashtags are being used on their posts with the highest engagement and impressions. This should give you a good indication of what works and provide you with a solid starting point for your social media.


Almost every social media platform has a wonderful feature that tells you exactly how many posts are using a given hashtag. That means you can see exactly how popular a hashtag is, then start creating relevant content for that tag to capitalise on the trend. It's as simple as searching, taking note and then adding the hashtag to your posts!

For maximum effect, try to use hashtags that have around 1 million recent posts using it. This figure is enough to make sure people are searching for the hashtag (and by default your posts) while not being so big that your content is going to get lost and forgotten in a matter of seconds.

Try it out

Once you have a strong starting point from the first two tips, the best thing you can do is simply start trying out different combinations. Test what works, and what doesn't, what gets seen by most people, and what works well with your content. Over time you'll build up a set of perfect hashtags that get you the most views and engagements, and you'll be set!

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