• Jordan Lewis

Copywriting for Tinder: How to improve your love life with words

You may be aware that copywriting can be used for your marketing and even your job prospects - but did you know that you can use copywriting to improve your love life?

Copywriting for Tinder

Copywriting is clearly a powerful tool for marketing, with the slightest changes to one or two words increasing engagement and conversions 10 fold. We have also shared how you can use copywriting to get any job you want here. Truth be told, you can use copywriting to improve almost any part of your life - especially your love life.

Dating apps have become a prominent part of the dating world in recent years, such as Tinder and Bumble. By using copywriting to tweak and improve your profile and presence on these platforms, you can start getting more matches, and ultimately, more dates. We may not be able to stop you accidentally spilling your drink on your date, but we can help you secure a romantic night at your favourite restaurant.

How to improve your love life with copywriting

You guessed it, to improve your Tinder or Bumble with copywriting, you have to use the right words. This doesn't mean writing a profile that sounds like you're selling a used car - it means coming across as human, fun and above all, desirable. There are a few key places you need to focus on to make your profile the CasaNova of the online dating world.


Always write your bio - both men and women are 99% less likely to swipe right on you if you aren't willing to share even some basic information about yourself. What's just as important as you write your bio, is that you write it well. Take a look at what everyone else is doing with their bio - then completely ignore it.

You're only really successful on Tinder when you stand-out. Users swipe across thousands of potential dates every single day, and they seem the same string of generic information in every bio. Grab their attention with a great picture, then reel them in with an equally engaging and unique bio. You could try telling them a little about yourself using a well-known story or anecdote, or you could even end your bio with a thought-provoking question to prompt a message.


Now you've got the matches, great, what next? You need to get in touch with them to try and strike up a conversation and hopefully secure a date. The same principles apply here, especially if you're a man. Women (and some men) receive hundreds of messages every day, with the generic "Hey". How Boring.

Spice up your conversations with something completely unexpected and out of the box to throw your match off-guard, get them laughing and immediately interested in hearing more from you. Do this over a short string of 5-10 messages and you're in a great position to ask for their IG (Instagram) handle and get yourself that all-important first date!

Social Media

Did you know that you can link your Instagram account to your Tinder account? This is fantastic as it means you don't have to completely recreate the amazing images and content you've already shared to your social media. By using copywriting to create a great social media presence already, your matches can click on your link and see everything that makes you amazing. You can begin securing dates without needing to put in much extra effort at all.

By focusing your time and energy into rewriting these three areas of your dating app profiles, you could see a huge increase in the number of matches, and dates, you're getting. Just remember, you're already an amazing person, all you need to do is use the right words to get that across to the world!

What will you be changing about your dating app profile? Need some help using the right words? Get in touch with us today here.