• Jordan Lewis

5 ways you can use Artificial Intelligence to transform your marketing

There is no denying that AI is the future, but you may not have been made aware of just how powerful it can be for your marketing. Here are 5 ways you can use Artificial Intelligence to transform the marketing of your brand or business.

What Is AI?

In simple terms, Artificial Intelligence is exactly what it says on the tin - the intelligence of computers. In this case, though, analysed data being used to make deductions and predictions about individuals and entire industries. With the arrival of AI comes a new wave of marketing that can target the needs and wants of consumers with more accuracy than ever before.

By using Artificial Intelligence for marketing, you can gain valuable insights into who your consumers are, their buying patterns in general and even gain strong indications of why they choose to buy from you.

How Can AI Be Used For Marketing?

Ultimately, AI for marketing gives you the potential to gain a far deeper and more accurate understanding fo your customers and consumers and allows you to collate and analyse millions of pieces of data in a matter of seconds.

Sales Forecasting

With traditional data-driven marketing, we have been able to gain a brief insight into conversions, to try and work out what is driving those conversions, but it was impossible to know everything. With AI Marketing, there are no stones left unturned. You can now compare sophisticated communication against traditional metrics to build a clearer picture of your conversions so they can be easily maximised in the future.

Optimised Ad Campaigns

With traditional data analysis, we could clearly see which type of users or consumers would view and enjoy certain types of content. With this, we could easily make assumptions about what we should be posting to where.

AI takes this a step further, tapping into the hidden data of keyword searches and social profiles to target ads even more closely to your target audience. With this technology working for you, you can easily push out tailored ads to specified groups to maximise your conversions!

Consumer and Customer Profiles

Using AI for marketing, you can create extremely detailed and specific profiles of your customers, consumers and target customers. This allows you to easily view and analyse all the information you need to effectively tailor your marketing and ultimately deliver the right message, to the right people, at exactly the right time.

Real-Time Conversations

AI is also a fantastic tool for assisting you with real-time decision making and conversations. Thanks to the advanced capabilities of the AI, you can easily analyse large blocks of open and real-time content and highlight patterns and trends. By identifying the relevant conversations your customers are having, you can jump right in and speak your consumers' language right away, avoiding the need for surveys and waiting for results of traditional marketing.

Understand Your Consumers Better

Imagine being able to know exactly what your customers are thinking, saying, and feeling at any given moment, it's be pretty amazing right? With AI, you don't have to imagine - you can make it your reality. Marketers who make use of the awesome power of AI can analyse this data in real-time and immediately adjust messaging and adverts to meet the ever-changing needs of any industry!