• Jordan Lewis

9 skills you can use to get any job

What if getting any job you want was as simple as building 9 key skills? By building these skills, you will be better equipped for any job you want and be more likely to secure the position or promotion you've been looking for!

Why these skills are so powerful?

The skills I am talking about are those that can be easily used and applied to any job you choose - sometimes known as transferrable skills. By working on and building these skills, and displaying them on your CV and through your interview, your chances of being picked for the job or promotion of your dreams will rise massively.

The best part is, all of these skills can be practised easily, and affordably. By putting in just a little work each and every day, you can quickly become a master of each - and be fully prepared to hit the ground running once Lockdown ends.

What are the skills?


Copywriting, in my opinion, is the most important skill anyone can build for any job. In almost any job on the planet, you will write in some form or another - even if it's as simple as sending a message. By getting better with words, you'll get better at communicating what you want.


Believe it or not, learning is a skill, a skill that is often overlooked. In many cases, employers aren't looking for applicants who have all the knowledge and skills necessary right this second. What really helps applicants to stand out in any job, is their ability, and willingness to learn if they don't know how to do something.


Passion may not be a traditional skill or something that you can easily practise as such. However, it is something that will massively aid your success and progression at any job. For this skill, all you can do is choose employment that speaks to your values and gives you the chance to work on something you are truly passionate about. Align an employer's interests with your own, not the other way round.


Did you know that the best communicators in the world are usually those who are the best at listening? By taking the time to become a better listening, you will become known as a great communicator, massively increase your abilities as a leader and even propel your learning skill even faster than it already is.


This skill is all about attitude: Attitude about what hard-work is and attitude when the time comes for you to do the work. Any job requires a degree of hard work, so getting comfortable and god at this will set you apart from your competition. If you pair this with this next skill, you'll be unstoppable.


It's all well and good working hard, but you need to make sure you're working in the right places. Take the time to plan and schedule out your day, your work and your goals. This way, you can gain insight into what you need to accomplish each day and can begin applying yourself as productively as possible.


Every conversation you have with someone, every message you send and every action you take works to close someone in some form or another. By understanding this, presenting yourself accordingly and actively working to close as many opportunities as possible each day, you can fast-track your career in any industry you choose.


Almost every human on the planet speaks every single day, in any job, in any walk of life. Yet so few people actually take the time to practise it. Even something as small as practising pronunciation in the mirror every morning will go a long way to making you a more authoritative and effective communicator.


Last but not least, computing. Having some basic computer skills up your sleeves gives you access to a theoretically infinite toolkit of resources that you can use to elevate your career and maximise your growth in the other skills on this list.