• Jordan Lewis

7 types of digital marketer | Which one are you?

Ever wondered what type of market you are? Me too. Find out which you are most like in my latest article.

Seven types of digital marketer

For beginners and outsiders to the industry, you may think that there is only one type of marketer. However, as you go deeper into the world of marketing you quickly discover that there is a wide range of different types and varieties that you should know about. One of the most commonly asked questions is “Which type of market am I?”. This article aims to answer that exact question, giving you all the information, you need about each of the types of marketer to decide which fits you best.

Without further ado: the seven types of digital marketer.

The content marketer

This type of marketer is probably one of the most common. Simply put, content marketers create content to market a business, brand or product. These types of marketers are specialists in producing content for a wide variety of platforms that focuses on boosting engagement and conversions. Almost all the different types of digital marketer you see in this list will delve into content marketing at some point in their career. The fact is that social media and content creation is the way to go in the modern world, so it is an essential skill to build for all digital marketers.

The affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketers specialize in affiliate sales which simply means selling other people's products and taking a percentage commission of that sale. Many marketers opt for this as it allows them to avoid the time and energy required to create a product or service and ultimately spend more time focusing on where their skills lie and what they enjoy - marketing.

The network marketer

Network marketers exactly what they sound like. They're marketers who specialize in making use of their personal networks of friends, family members and colleagues. Strongly recommend that most marketers start off with their business and brand by making use of their personal networks as they can be considered warm leads and therefore the chance of you converting them or persuading them to promote your business increases tenfold.

When a network marketer builds a business, it typically becomes more of a family than a typical company. This is because of the nature of network marketing where everybody involved either has to or already does, now like and trust one another.

The social media marketer

This is another of the most common types of marketer because any digital marketer should be regularly using and learning how to market on social media platforms. Many of these marketers choose to specialise on a single platform, where others may choose to become adept across multiple. Not all content is created the same and each different platform requires slightly different types and styles of content which this type of marketer has trained themselves to understand and adapt to.

The PPC marketer

The PPC marketing or pay-per-click advertising marketing specializes in exactly that. They know and understand paid advertising across a wide variety of channels better than anybody else. This type of marketing it's especially sought-after from a wide variety of businesses and brands because in this case, they are having to put money on the line for the marketing itself which means they're going to be that much more careful with how it's being spent. Many customers may also be more willing to hire somebody with the expertise to make sure that their money is being spent correctly.

The one-trick marketer

The one trick marketer is the type of digital marketer that chooses to specialize in one very small area of the marketing world. Specialization could mean choosing to become the best at marketing on a specific platform, or marketing to a specific niche, or even marketing with a specific end goal in mind such as conversion marketing. One-trick marketers can typically get paid very nicely for being experts in one specific area but it can be a very high risk if their niche then becomes less essential to businesses in the future.

The toxic marketer

This is the type of marketer that you'll hate, and we all need to avoid. These are the type of marketers that spam their audience with low-value, irritating pieces of content. These are the type of guys that message you the second you follow them on social media with a sales pitch. Even worse, some toxic marketers watch one YouTube video on marketing and think they're an expert, then go on to completely undermine somebody's hard-earned business with shoddy marketing techniques.

Which type of digital marketer are you? Are you a mix of more than one? Did I miss any of this list? Let me know at www.regalmarketing.co.uk/contact