• Jordan Lewis

7 tips to create the perfect headline for every piece of content

Creating the perfect headline can make or break your content, so it's essential you get it right.

The perfect headline

Creating the perfect headline can be very challenging for a lot of content creators. You have a matter of seconds to grab the attention of your audience and convince them to read through the rest of your post - your headline is how you do this. A good headline can bring more of the right people to your content, and equally a bad headline can let quality information flop. The perfect headline should work to grab your readers attention, without being clickbait.

So how exactly can you achieve the perfect headline for every piece of content? Follow the 7 tips listed in this article and you'll have everything you need to get your content the engagement and viewership it deserves!

1) Buzz words

Buzz words are essential for grabbing attention and demonstrating the value behind your offer. By simply adding a couple of these words to each headline (where relevant), you can easily increase your click-rates, or engagement. Here is a list of some of my favourite buzz words you can use:

✅ Free


✅ Truth

✅ Now

✅ Love (or hate)

2) Know your audience

This one is essential for any type of writing. If you don't understand your target audience, or more specifically, their pain points, how can you hope to speak to them in your writing? By taking the time to do your research, to fully understand your audience, you can learn what matters most to them, and reflect that in both your headline and the content overall! So many content creators spend their life trying to guess what their audience, or even customers want - save yourself the trouble and research it, or even ask them directly.

3) Write your headline last

This tip is something that a surprising number of copywriters and content creators do, and it's easy to understand why. If you write your headline AFTER your content, you can make sure it's super relevant to the body of text related to it. So many creators create the headline with one piece of content in mind, then get lost in the writing process and produce a finished piece of content that has nothing to do with the headline!

4) Be specific

Using numbers in your headlines helps make your offer and value specific and clear for your audience. If your headline is specific and clear, your viewership, and likely your engagement, will go up. There are a couple of ways you could actively work to add numbers to your headlines, such as:

"7 great ways to keep fit!"


"Keep fit by working out for as little as 20 minutes a day!"

5) Add urgency

Adding urgency to your headline is a great way to ensure your potential customers choose to buy today, rather than opting to wait and ultimately forgetting about your offer. Adding simple phrases like "only 5 available", or, "available for 3 days", helps create a sense of urgency behind your offer, which will tap into the fear of missing out on a fantastic deal every audience holds.

6) Write multiple headlines

Too many content creators write one headline and think its job done. Even worse, some don't go back and read it through before posting! This is one sure way to leave money on the table, and potential mistakes in your headlines. Take the time to write multiple versions of the same headline, this way you can check out the options, see what you like most, and potentially even A/B test them with ease.

7) Break patterns and trends

If in doubt, break patterns and trends, both within your own content, and with the wider community. In other words, do the opposite of what you normally do, or what everybody in your industry is doing. For example, if everybody in your industry is talking about how having excess body fat makes exercise harder - you could talk about how it actually makes it easier. This makes your headlines stand out massively, and as a result, makes them want to read your content more.

Which tip is your favourite? Send us the headlines you create for a free breakdown of how it could be improved!