• Jordan Lewis

7 content ideas for your social media stories to boost engagement

Stories are an essential part of every platform, here are 7 content ideas you can use to boost engagement!

Social Media Stories

Social media stories have been a pivotal part of social media platforms such as Facebook for a long time now, but recently we are seeing their influence on your growth increase. Platforms that traditionally have not had the stories features have now followed Facebooks' lead and implemented their own versions of the popular feature! A few weeks ago LinkedIn released stories to their platform, and a couple of weeks after that, Twitter released 'Fleets', or Twitter Stories.

For those who don't know, stories are short images or videos you upload to your social media account. Stories typically disappear after a set period of time, and usually include a bunch of extra editing features not available for normal posts. Stories are becoming more and more popular with users because of their engagement-boosting powers, and social media bosses recognise this shift. As a result, we're now not only seeing stories pop up on new social media platforms, but platforms that already had them are beginning to emphasise them even more - with Instagram making them appear bigger at the top of your feed! But why is it they're suddenly becoming so popular?

Stories Boost Engagement

Stories are fantastic, they come with hundreds of features aimed at boosting and promoting engagement with your post, and your account overall. Since the huge growth of TikTok, short-form, instant content has become a must for audiences on any social media platform, and stories fit the bill perfectly. The best part is, you can post as many stories as you like per day, rather than being limited to the recommend 1 post per day for platforms such as Instagram. Some of the top users are posting as many as 20-30 stories a day!

While having the freedom to post as much as you'd like is great, this can make it difficult to think of enough content ideas each day. If you're reading this article, then you've come looking for ideas and inspiration for story content. You won't be disappointed - here are 7 content ideas for your social media stories:

1) Behind The Scenes

Stories are a brilliant opportunity to give your audience some insight into what happens behind the scenes of your account. Your followers love to see the real you, take the time to take pictures and videos of everything you're doing and share it with your fans. To boost engagement, ask your audience what they think, or even for advice on how you could improve your process.

2) Day In The Life

This is one of the most popular and effective pieces of content for several reasons. Firstly, it not only gives your audience a look behind the scenes, but it allows them to go through your day with you, and make them feel like they are truly with you on your journey. Secondly, content like this will take up an entire day, so you don't have to worry about thinking of any more ideas.

3) Quiz

Everybody loves a good quiz, so why not create one through your Instagram stories? Test your audiences knowledge about topics you've discussed on your account, or even more general topics relating to your niche. To boost engagement further, you could reward the follower with the highest score in some way.

4) Poll

Polls are very similar to a quiz, except it's not about getting them right. These can be used to ask for your followers opinions, to help you make more informed decisions for your social media account based on the needs of your audience. Ask questions like "What do you think?", "What do you want to see?", "Is there anything you'd prefer?". People love sharing their opinion, especially when it benefits them - use this to your advantage.

5) Post Promo

This ones simple and is bound to boost engagement on your feed posts, not just your stories. Every time you post something, share it to your story with a sticker saying "New post!", or "Check me out!". Every platform has a feature like this available, so you're leaving engagement on the table if you don't make the most of it!

6) Previews

Not only can you promote posts after you've posted them, but you can use stories to build hype before. Share little snippets of content you'll be posting later in the week, ask engaging questions about the content and really drive up interest a week or so before you post it. You can even create a countdown so your audience knows exactly when they need to be online.

7) Share Others' Content

This is another simple one, and it can really go a long way. Don't just use stories to promote your own content, use it to promote someone else's too! It takes all of 30 seconds to do, and it will mean the world to the other account. Who knows, they may even start sharing your posts to their stories in return!

With these 7 content ideas, you have everything you need to start creating engaging posts for your stories. Try not to worry about the number of times you post each day, as there is no upper limit, simply create stories until you run out of inspiration, then start again tomorrow.

Which type of story content do you like to see most? Need some help creating your own stories? Book a call with us here to begin growing your social media engagement.