• Jordan Lewis

Not sure how to improve your marketing? Here are 5 ways I did

Marketing has quickly become one of the highest demand skills of the 21st century - but how exactly can you improve?

5 ways to improve your marketing

There are many different ways you could potentially learn and improve as a marketer, some of them will be more successful than others. For the past three years, I have been marketing, first as a freelancer, now as the founder of Regal Marketing. Over this time, I have taken a very independent path to learning and improving as a marketer. Obviously, to reach the level I am at now has taken a long time, so I want to help save you some unnecessary time and energy by cherry-picking the 5 best learning techniques I have found through my experience.

1) Knowledge is power

Good research is always the start of learning and improving at any skill, so make sure you do it right. Use sites like www.swiped.co, www.neilpatel.com and www.sproutsocial.com for your learning. All of these offer some brilliant tools and information you can use to get at least a basic understanding of marketing as a whole so that you can further build on this knowledge with the next steps.

2) Become a trend spotter

Most people think that, in order to be a successful marketer, you need to be a trendsetter, this is a myth. Trendsetting, while effective, is incredibly difficult, if not near impossible to do even once, let alone to repeat consistently.

Trendspotting, on the other hand, is much, much easier, and replicable. Read the news, check out the trending tabs on social media and the app store to find out what is becoming more and more popular each day. If you see something beginning to grow quite quickly, adopt this trend early with your content and marketing to stay ahead of the curve and stand out as a marketer.

3) Get a mentor

I can't stress to you how important this step is. GET A MENTOR.

Find somebody who is years ahead of your in terms of their journey and experience and learn from them. Learn what made them successful, learn about where they failed, learn everything they have to offer and accelerate your marketing career years ahead of where it would otherwise be.

The best mentorships are one-to-one mentorships, but these can be very expensive. If you are short on cash right now, it might be worth choosing an online content creator to learn from, then watching, reading, trying and generally consuming EVERYTHING they have made available. Once you have done this, you should be at a pretty solid level marketing-wise.

4) Learn while you earn

There is never the 'perfect' time to start selling your marketing services. Once you have foundational knowledge, begin selling them immediately. You can continue learning while you make some money! You will fail, a lot and you will make plenty of mistakes, but that's okay. You will build a strong set of real-life skills and experience very quickly. As the saying goes, "Action is the best teacher.".

5) My exercise

Last but not least, you could try out a fun little exercise I use to improve my marketing, or my copywriting specifically.

Firstly, go to www.swiped.co:

  • Pick an advert you like

  • Choose a section of the ad you want to improve at writing

  • Write each sentence of the section on a separate card

  • Shuffle and wait for a week

  • Try and put the cards in the right order

This will help you to very quickly learn and understand how ads are structured, while also making you aware of some of the best marketing techniques used throughout history.

There you go, that's the 5 best ways I have found to improve as a marketer. Which tip is your favourite? Did I miss any that you use? Let me know by getting in touch today!