• Jordan Lewis

5 steps to marketing mastery: Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms today - with 6,000 new tweets every second! But how can you use the famous, blue bird as a marketing tool?

Twitter as a marketing tool

Twitter is a platform known for sharing thoughts and opinions on the latest trends and stories in the world. This, of course, makes it one of the biggest and best ways to get your voice and opinions out there into the world. However, this does also lead to many people simply using Twitter as a platform to have arguments on!

Why would you want to waste the true potential of your Twitter account?

Twitter is one of the most powerful marketing tools any business or brand can use to grow. By making sure you post the right content and use the right hashtags, you can very quickly and easily get your tweets seen by millions of people. The problem many business owners like yourself face is not knowing what they should be posting on Twitter.

1) What to post

As I mentioned earlier - Twitter is mostly a platform where you can share your thoughts and opinions on the latest news and world trends. By this logic, the best thing you can do is do the same. While this may help you fit in with the Twitter crowd, it does very little towards helping you grow your brand or business. The secret is blending your business with these trends.

Share the latest news and trends, and share your thoughts on them, but don't just leave it there. Relate these trends back to your business, offer your products or services as a solution to a very real and relevant problem. By posting content that appeals to the trends of that day or week, you can maximise your post engagement and overall grow your account.

2) When to post

The best time, as with most social media platforms, is at 9 am - when engagement is highest. By posting at this time, you can almost guarantee that your tweets are getting seen by most people. This is the time you should designate for posting a large thread or even infographics. Make 9 am your time to share your best content.

Twitter gives free-reign as to how often you choose to post. Generally, quality should always come before quantity, so start small with 3 or 4 posts a week. That said, Twitter tends to favour accounts that post as much as possible - this includes retweets and quote-tweets too. By posting up to 20 times a day, and engaging with other users to do it, you'll find that your own engagement goes up and your brand quickly grows.

3) Hashtags

For Twitter hashtags, less is usually more. Use one relevant and trending hashtag for some of your tweets - but if there is nothing relevant, don't use any. Thanks to twitters trending tabs, you don't need hashtags to make your posts seen by the masses. This is good news anyway, you have a tight limit on how many words you can use per tweet - so don't waste them on a tag if you don't need to!

4) Three top features

Twitter has three main features that are part of its main functionality. Some of these features are widely used by everyone, but some of them are hidden gems that so few people know how to use to full effect.


Retweets are unique to Twitter and are by far the best way to get engagement coming to your account. Normal retweets literally mean sharing another users post to your feed - and this is great, but the real value lies in quote-tweets. This allows you to share a post and add your own thoughts above it. With this, you can easily display your expertise and value by adding on to what is already being said. Help solve a problem, offer some extra information, or simply admire another user. All of these things will help boost your engagement on Twitter.


The explore tab is fantastic for learning all about what is going on in the world and more importantly, what trends you can use to grow your brand. Whatever is being tweeted about the most across each different industry will be shown here - simply pick some trends each day and relate them to your brand.


Twitter lists allow you to group and categorise users and tweets as you see fit. For example, you could easily create a list of all of your dream clients - and check it a few times a day to make sure you engage with those accounts specifically. You could also use this feature to create a list of accounts that share the latest trends most relevant to you. This saves you the time that you would otherwise need to spend sifting through the explore tab - let someone else do it for you.

5) Extra tips & tricks

Last, but not least, here are 5 simple, yet effective tips you can use to truly master Twitter marketing:

👍 Engagement is a must

👍 Share value

👍 Stay up to date with trends

👍 Check out what other users are liking

👍 Have fun!

You now have all the tips and tools you need to become a Twitter marketing master - which tip helped you the most? How will you be using it to improve your marketing? Get in touch if you have any questions!