• Jordan Lewis

5 steps to marketing mastery: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a rapidly growing social media platform focused on professionals, here's everything you need to jump on this trend and become a LinkedIn marketing master.

A professional platform

LinkedIn is a growing professional platform, perfect for job seekers, employers and business owners alike. Until recently, LinkedIn has been a very underrated platform, and I personally only thought of it as a place I could put my CV. However, times are definitely changing - LinkedIn is now a very prominent part of the lives of many businesspeople, and businesses.

Where most social media is used for the personal, more casually, LinkedIn requires you use a slightly different content style to make sure you are taken seriously, while still being able to share the content you love. If you're interested in finding value at every turn without first having to search through thousands of dead memes and pointless images, then LinkedIn is the platform for you.

What to post

LinkedIn content should mostly be very professional, sharing various pieces of information about you or your business. This can however also mean including a mix of fun, less formal posts to break the mould. Thanks to the wide range of different ways of posting on LinkedIn (more on these later in this article), it can also become a great online portfolio system for creative workers.

The key thing to remember with LinkedIn though is that it is primarily a connecting platform. This means that the biggest and best way you can grow your profile and market it effectively is through engagement.

When to post

As with most other social media platforms, the overall best time to post on LinkedIn is between 9 am and 11 am. However, it might benefit you to post an hour or two earlier, so that professionals can listen to, watch or read your content while they are getting ready for work, while they are travelling to the office or even if they are in a boring Monday morning meeting!

You can get away with posting less on LinkedIn than you can on platforms like Twitter - but make sure you post at least once per week. LinkedIn focuses heavily on the value of your content, so if you have nothing of value, and it isn't something that is fun for your audience, it's better to simply not post it.


Like most social media platforms, LinkedIn has a built-in search tool that allows you to view the most popular hashtags. It's good to choose popular tags with up to 1 million posts, but the key is to make them as relevant as possible. LinkedIn also isn't as hashtag-reliant as Instagram, and as such, you should only place a maximum of 5 hashtags per post, otherwise your content could be flagged up as spam!

Top three features

In LinkedIn, the best three features are not simply separate elements of the app with dedicated slides or screens, they are features that are ingrained into everything else that the platform has to offer. LinkedIn's best features work to amplify your experience, and overall make it that much easier to find your dream job, hire the best employees or simply network with other professionals.

Search by job

LinkedIn's search bar allows you to search by person, company, location and even job role. These results can even be filtered further so you can find exactly the type of person you're looking for. This tool is extremely powerful if you know who your ideal customer/employer is, as you can very quickly and simply get a list of 1000 people who meet your exact requirements.

Profile views

On LinkedIn, you can see exactly who has viewed your profile - something that is not at all available on other platforms. There are two reasons why this feature is so brilliant: Firstly it allows you to see who is checking you out, and therefore who may be interested in what you're selling, or at the very least who is being shown your content. Secondly, other people can see when you view their page. By viewing their page, they will get a notification, which hugely increases the chances that they then view your page in return.

Post types

LinkedIn allows you to post all the normal types of posts that you would expect from a social media platform, including images and videos - but it adds something extra. Here you can add full-length articles, and even upload documents, making it a fantastic tool for showing off your work, displaying your know-how at full-force and even build an online portfolio.

Right now, live videos aren't widely available, however through an application, you can get it - with so few people using this right now, you'll find it easier than ever to stand out!

Extra Tips & Tricks

✅ Post fun content

✅ Engage (This is ESSENTIAL)

✅ DM People

✅ Share your work

✅ Be professional

Are you ready to build your network on LinkedIn? If you have any more questions, get in touch today.