• Jordan Lewis

5 simple steps to Marketing Mastery: Instagram Reels

Yesterday we showed you why Instagram Reels is the clear ruler of the short-form video world, but how can you successfully use the platform to market your brand or business?

5 simple steps to marketing mastery

You could look at a hundred different articles and they would all tell you a million different ways that could bring you success on Instagram Reels. Sure, some of these could work a treat, but for the most part, they are very complicated and time-consuming - far more than they need to be.

We prefer to keep it simple: with the 5 steps we show you, you will be able to make the most of everything Instagram Reels has to offer, and the best part is, there will be very little extra work involved because it’s so simple!

Features and fundamentals

The first and arguably most important step is learning the features and fundamentals of Instagram Reels. Without understanding everything you can do with the app, and without understanding exactly how you can apply these features to your business, your competitors will immediately have an edge over you.

There are a few essential features you need to understand to effectively use Instagram Reels. Click to add a new story, then slide along to the Reels section to begin your creation, making use of the following features:

  • Audio - Add any songs or audio clips you need over your Reels video, helping you create catchy and emotion-inspiring content for whatever you’re promoting.

  • Speed - Want to keep your audience engaged, change up the speed of your video with the speed button! This is a feature best used sparingly, but when used at the right moments, can add a fun and unique twist to your Reels.

  • Effects - Add movie-level effects to your Reels, add a level of professionalism to your content that can only traditionally be achieved through years of training!

Now that you understand the features you can use on Instagram Reels, you can begin working on the type of content you produce.

Break it down

Ultimately, Instagram Reels is designed to create and deliver short-form video content. You have just 15 seconds to deliver maximum value and promote your brand.

When deciding on a topic for your content, break it down into smaller topics as far as possible to ensure that you can share the same information and value in bitesize, easily digestible chunks!

Memes and trends are your friends

Love scrolling through social media looking at memes? Me too.

Most people simply use memes for enjoyment and relaxation, but what if I told you they were part of the secret to success on Instagram Reels, as well as any other social media platform?

By relating your brand or business to memes and trends, you can share meaningful and insightful content, while giving your audience some entertainment at the same time. The benefits don’t stop here, by sharing the latest memes and trends, you will come across as very modern and unique!

Leave your customers wanting more

Another massive benefit of having such short video lengths on Instagram Reels is that you can’t share everything you want to in one piece of content.

That’s right, this is a GOOD thing.

As I mentioned earlier, you can break your content down into tiny chunks, ensuring huge value is delivered throughout multiple pieces of content. The best part is, you can leave hints to the next Reels upload, leaving your customers eagerly awaiting your uploads the next day.

When done correctly, you can very easily take your customers on a journey that starts with a simple 15-second video and ends with them on your site buying from you.

Practise makes perfect

As with any marketing tool, the best way to achieve mastery in it is to practise. This means uploading as many Reels as you possibly can each and every day.

Create a plan, stick to it and upload upwards of 3-5 Reels per day. Some will become sensations overnight and others will fail - this is okay.

The more you upload, the quicker you will gain an understanding of what your audience likes and engage with the most, so you can work on creating more of the content they prefer!

Remember though: Consistency is key!

So now you have everything you need to achieve marketing mastery with Instagram Reels.

Well, don’t hesitate by reading this, get up and start creating content before your competitors beat you to it (because I can almost guarantee that if you’re reading this, they are too!).