• Jordan Lewis

3 ways you can show more energy in your content

Most content creators struggle to get their energy across in their content. Here are three great ways you can do this with ease.

Add energy to your content

The most successful content creators and influencers on social media are those that show the most energy in their content. No matter how many pieces of content they produce how many videos they record or how many posts they make they never seem to run out of energy. Having this kind of energy in your content is fantastic for engagement and conversions. Energy is contagious. If you are putting out content that is positive and highly energetic this will rub off on your audience and therefore make them more likely to buy from you.

But in the real world, we have days where we are tired where we cannot be bothered to do work, or even create content. So how exactly do these super successful content creators and influencers seem to have so much energy all the time? The secret is not drinking 10 cups of coffee before creating a piece of content. It is not even that these content creators have more energy than the average person. So, what could it be?

Video content

You may notice that the most successful influencers and content creators on the planet produce more video content than they do pictures. With video content, it is far easier to get your energy across as it is complete with moving images as well as audio. Which sounds easier to you, trying to put your energy into some still images and words? Or by simply recording who you are and what you are doing in that moment?

The truth is that the latter will always be easier for most people because it is raw and authentic, with fewer filters between what you believe and how you feel and the end result of your content. Furthermore, video content has been proven across numerous studies to be much more engaging for your audience. The written word is still extremely valuable, so this does not mean switch all of your content to video, but you might find it helpful to pepper in one or two videos a week along with your normal content.

State control

State control is a technique used by many of the most successful influences and content creators, used to easily unlock unlimited energy as and when they need it. Think of this technique like energy on demand. State control is precisely what it sounds like controlling your state with external variables. This could include changing your physical location changing your physiological state-changing, your mental state, or listening to certain types of music to snap you into a more energetic mode.

Changing physical location

This one is simple, if you have been working in one location for a long time and find that you are getting tired or unmotivated, simply move. For example, if you have been working in an office for the last 8 hours straight try moving to a different room, or even to a park or beach.

Physiological state

You can change your physiological state in several ways with two of the easiest through drinking. if you like coffee then simply have a couple of cups of coffee and your physiological state will change and not only will you get energy from the caffeine you've ingested but you will also get a new sense of energy from this state change. Also, if you are over the age of 18 and like alcohol then try drinking a little. Disclaimer: do not drink too much of wise you will find yourself unable to work even with the state change.

Using music to control your state

This one takes a little bit more time than the other two techniques, but it is certainly one of the most effective. Did you know that you can tie your state and mood into different songs and music? Start by working to the same song on repeat repeatedly. Eventually you will reach the point where whenever you hear that song played you will go into a working state so you will get more energy and become more focused.

Fun fact: You can also use different songs to trick your body into being more tired ready for bed or even to get hungry ready for food.

Go over the top

A final trick you can use to show more energy in your content is to go over the top. Take however much energy you think you should be showing in each piece of content and triple it. You might think this sounds stupid and that it will come across as crazy through your content but the truth is that most content creators and influences nowadays do actually go over the top with that energy and it is perceived as normal. Look at vloggers for a great example.

Which tip is your favourite? For help showing your energy in your content don't hesitate to get in touch with us today at www.regalmarketing.co.uk/contact